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" Winde der sieben Weltmeere"




Captain Aye tells about his 48 years on the seven Oceans.

Foreword: Arved Fuchs


Euro 21.50

Captain Aye tells about his 48years on the Seven Oceans.24 years of it as a Captain on five different passenger ships into all expedition areas.A book to a "worldwide" rummaging ,also for teenagers who perhabs take the decision to take up the sailor profession.On 204 pages and with 123 s/w photos leads his journey of Moses/shipsboy 1953 up to the captain 1977-2001. 39 times around the world with about 38.000 Passengers from the Arctic to its favourite journeys area,the Antarktic.106(Score 2006)successful Antarktica journeys with about 11.800 guests.

His time as a Sailor was always without any reproaches.




"Ayekliff"      James Ross Iceland    

The geographical name was entered by the federal office for cartographie and geodesy on the Position:

                            64Grad24`S and 58Grad08`W

30.January 2000

MS"Bremen" drives in the Weddel Sea north of the south arctic circle with destination Prince Gustav Channel.We wanted to drive up until the glacier barrier and to enter then upon the return.A gigantic surprise expected us.The glacier had interrupted from the island and hanged at the continent.A big hatch was open and invited to go on.For the following area we had no sounding line and no larkcards but it sufficing water depths promised.With a zodiac and a sonic depth finder we have been prepared for a landing at James Ross Kliff.The landing succeeded and I stood on a small piece nameless Antarctica.We continued our journey in direct coast proximity,soundings habe been taken by a zodiac before the vessel followed. As a first ship of a German shipping trade in about 22 hours we circumnavigated the James Ross Iceland in the Weddell Sea.

21.June 2006

The geographical name "Ayekliff" was entered by the  federal office for cartography and geodesy on the position:

                           64Grad24`S and 58Grad08`W



October 2007

The Newsletter of the friends of Antarctica

Port lockroy has come a long way from Its wilderness years between 1962 and 1996.Below we reproduce a memoir from Captain Heinz Aye.

Since 1977 I have been travelling to Antarctica.On each voyage i visited Port Lockroy with the ships carpenter,boatswain an 2 AB`s.Until 1995 we always needed to close the windows and used wooden planks to block up the broken windows.We shovelled out the snow and noted water droping from the ceiling into the sleeping room.We made a note into the wet dairy book and took documentary pictures.Always it has been a very special feeling when I left antarctica at the end of the season knowing the abandoned station was prepared for the coming winter.But as the years went by items got lost.One of the two generators,parts from skis,kitchen equipment,records,parts from the radio room,even one of the guest books.So I was  happy when1996 the British Antarctic survey began its renovation. It is especially pleasig to know that Rick Atkinson,woh worked on that renovation is now Projekt Leader.

Captain Aye has now completed 104 voyages to the Antarctic,carrying over 12.000 passengers,always as a captain and Icemaster on tour ships.His name is commemorated under the name "AYEKLIFF" onJames Ross Island.





 Where did the name "penguin" come from?                                    

 No one knows.It could come from the Welsh "pen gwyn",which means "white head",or from the Latin "pinguis",referring to the fat or blubber of the bird.The name penguin was first given to another type of bird,the auk(also a large,flightless,black and white bird)

 All penguins have similar body and structure ,but they vary greatly in size,from the little weighing 1kg and about 40cm tall,to the emperor penguin,which weights up to 40kg and is about 115cm tall.

emperor       - 38 kg   115cm                               Adelie              - 5,3 kg   71 cm

King               - 16 kg    94 cm                               Chinstrap        - 5,0 kg   71 cm

Gentoo           - 5,6 kg   75 cm                              Macaroni          - 5,0 kg    71 cm        



 3.Februar 2008

Interview on Bord "The Topaz Peace Boat" - Japan

Antarctica 2008

Captain Aye tells about the way to get a Captain. 








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